Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Morning in Dublin

Well its a Premier Travel Inn somewhere in Dublin, Lord knows where as it was taxi from airport to office and then to hotel... so could be anywhere really!
Its a sweet little hotel which is very functional and a nice big comfortable bed, so no reason to complain at all. And there is the added entertainment of having to talk Serbo-Croat to communicate with staff. I was told last night that the internet connection in the room could be found in the "cupboard provided within." Still no idea what that means. Going down to breakfast i was asked if I had "ever eaten breakfast before." News just in - Goldilocks has installed an outside loo to give the bears a more "foresty feeling"...

Also i find myself at odds with myself over the news.... This cold woman who runs Haringey children's services has been suspended. The news channels are reporting "growing feelings" that she should be sacked immediately and not be paid. Sorry, she shouldn't be. I dont want her to carry on and be responsible for anything, let alone the safety of children, but there is an internal process to work through, and so we must. The HR laws in the UK are sometimes ridiculous - age discrimination means you can't judge a job applicant based on their experience as that discriminates against young people who have not had a chance to build up experience... You cant sack someone now without a full inquiry... But what would be unforgivable would be to ignore the law (however much we disagree with it) and give someone the opportunity to sue the government and really benefit.

Spelling disaster of the week - The Perfume Shop in Horsham. They have a special offer, which i have seen before, but this is the first weekend where i actually went into the shop to complain about the sign in the window... (Sorry Beloved!!!)

Ladie's Perfume of the Week

I think this is one of the ladie's they are aiming at...


Kitty said...

Shopping with you is always a pleasure my darling!!!

Jonny Mac said...

I reckon you have eaten breakfast before.

Just a hunch.