Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Sometimes life intrudes on you and you have to seriously consider whether humans are a race worth saving.
There is nothing quite like a talk radio phone in to really attract the lower end of the social scale. Its an emotive subject - why aren't more men committed on rape charges? The UK has the lowest conviction for rape in Europe with something crazy like 3% of reported rapes leading to a jail term for the aggressor. But then there are the worrying stats - we have the highest number of false allegations. What drives someone to accuse someone of one of the worst things you can possibly think of? The stories of men losing everything to clear their name, contrasted with the women who reported an assault and were told by a cheery WPC to have a cup of tea and get over it... Its not just the actions of men that can make womens' lives hell - every false accusation probably leads to a dozen guilty men being presumed innocent "cos she was asking for it... she shouldnt have gone in the house.... she was drunk...".
Banks. They make huge profits, we find out they were all based on tissue paper foundations and the first drop of rain brings down the industry. Lehman Bros move $8bn from their UK arm to their US for 2 reasons last week - first the UK administrators cant touch it, and second so they can PAY BONUSES to the American management. Yes, the same bank that has just been declared the largest bankrupt ever, is paying out over $2bn in corporate bonuses. And the world governments are bailing out the industry. Imagine if you took your year's salary and bought a speedboat, because your mate down the pub told you that in a year's time you could sell it for twice as much. And then in a year no one wanted to buy your speedboat. But you have to pay all your bills. The world would laugh at you and call you a fool for buying a speedboat. You would have to sell your house and be declared bankrupt. So why the hell is the UK government giving the banks over a hundered billion pounds????
Trident. $100bn. Do i need to say any more. I would love to hear a convincing argument for how nuclear missiles defend us from suicidal terrorists...
ID cards... finally the Labour party have started refering to them as a weapon against ID theft and not mentioning the weapon against terrorism angle. I think the idea was that if some mad fanatic hurled himself at you, laden with explosives, anthrax and body odour (an all too familiar sight on Britain's streets) you could show them your ID card and they wouldn't harm you... So now its a weapon against ID theft. Or surely just a new way of stealing IDs??? 30 million fake one pound coins in circulation and i dont know anyone who has one, so these fakers must be good.
Personal freedoms? Nah, who needs them any more? We are fighting so we can give Iraqi citizens a corrupt banking system, id cards and queues at airports.
Did anyone else notice the govt lost their court case the other week over the supposed liquid bombers? The reason we have all these stupid liquid restrictions at airports - that was thrown out when the evidence was actually examined by someone who isnt paid to generate fear and apprehension and make the public more acquiescent... But we still have the restrictions on liquids... Like the x-rays of shoes because one nutter proved that you can not set fire to shoes on an aeroplane... Even when the UK government introduces its eBorders that will be for airlines only to start with. Supposed to make the borders more secure, but the Chunnel and ferries will be exempt for years...

And what does Gordon Brown launch as his save his skin policy? Free theatre tickets for the Under 26s. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7630736.stm
But only to shows that dont sell - the talking point on talk radio seems to be "Bet you cant get tickets for Mamma Mia".
No, oh beloved nation. That is not the point. The point is we are all going to hell in a flaming one wheeled handcart with Satan at the reins and Sarah Palin cackling by his side, guns blazing, oil fires burning... and our Prime Minister wants to give out crap theatre tickets to young people. That will make them put the knives down...


Anonymous said...

Why does the UK Government not admit that the number one reason for all the security checks required by Banks, Solicitors, Accountants is TAX COLLECTION.

Terrorism is the excuse they use for their Big Brother tactics.

People of the UK wake up, your Government is wasting too much of your money.

Jonny Mac said...

Don't forget the wonderful 'free porn for chavs' pledge.