Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Where next?

One of the advantages of this new job is the opportunity to get to some new countries. For me the 90s were a blur of travel, and 30 or more countries were visisted in next to no time. And then there was a lull, with only Ireland and Denmark added in about 8 years. All that is set to change as i look at my roster for the end of the year... Was talk of going to Russia and far eastern Siberia, but that seems to have been replaced by 3 weeks in Belgium! But i still have weeks planned in Malta and Cyprus which i seem to have missed on my travels, and suddenly a week in the Cape Verde Islands has also appeared on the list. I have no clue where they even are..
Official language is Portuguese so must be somewhere between Lisbon and Rio... Looks like all flights are via Lisbon so can add Portugal to the list too!
Should also be some work coming up with CityJet in Dublin, which will give me a chance to catch up with some old friends. Will be strange going there with the new hat on, but looking forward to it.
Will be good to get stuck into some serious project work again, back to Bodo on Sunday for another week with the very hospitable Norwegians and some more stunning scenery and biting winds!

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