Monday, 23 February 2009

The Quandary of Jade

Big fat loud mouthed idiot who racially abused someone and didn't know East Angular was in Britain... but she is dying so we can't be nasty any more.
Can we?
Ok, maybe not, but lets instead take the mickey out of OK magazine. They paid £700,000 for exclusive rights to her wedding. 30 people turned up to cheer her into the castle (in Essex remember). There were 50 guests, and who was the most high profile celebrity....?
Nick Ross, presenter of Crimewatch. And hubby was allowed to stay out past 7pm (one of the conditions of his probation after serving time for GBH is to be indoors by 7) by special permission of Jack Straw.
One feels Jonny Mac would have a field day in the continual dumbing down and "popular front" of the Labour govt - what on earth is Jack Straw doing personally intervening in this case??? Have we caught all the other criminals, stopped the terrorists and he thought he could do this just before he went home???
Harsh it may be, but after quite some reflection, i say good riddance, Jade. The world simply does not need you. Any complaints, please write them on a back of a £10 note and send them to Cancer Research. Catholics may forgive and forget for a deathbed confession, but personally i just keep thinking of the word "karma"... one this media whore probably has no idea about at all.

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Jonny Mac said...

"good riddance Jade"

The three most controversial words in the UK in early 2009.

Respect, dNo!