Thursday, 23 April 2009

Business Class Update

For those of you like Polly who want to keep up to date on what is happening at the front end of our aircraft... Had to fly economy back from Stockholm last week as it was internal training so couldnt bill it to one of our lucky customers. And i missed the chance to sit between Nick Beggs and Kim Smith. Let me take you back to the departure lounge... everyone else had booked on the 4pm flight, but being a company boy i booked on the 6.15. Sat drinking my 3rd coffee when they announce boarding from my row back. So i trundle over to the back of the line where i stand behind a group of guys wearing sunglasses. Not essential, thinks I, and ignores them. And then you notice the cowboy boots. And flat caps. And bizarre facial hair arrangements. And very expensive baggage. Drug dealers, you think. Maybe backing band for someone like Phil Collins or David Hasselhoff. And you think no more of it. Then at the other end you stand behind them again at passports. And they have added a dumpy little blonde to their number. She is about 50, hair has been bleached far too often, and you can tell she was once cute and dirty, now just looks a bit messy and dirty. 5 foot nothing, and squeezed into a black and diamond short thing, with leggings and boots. Signs of money. Probably designer clothing. Its Kim Wilde. God, it is as well! So i play it cool, thinking the backing band look like a bunch of idiots, dont want to be associated with them. And then as i wait at the baggage claim, off come all the hard cases with KAJAGOOGOO stamped on the side. I trawl my bag over to customer services (for the 4th damaged bag this year) and there beside me is the mighty Nick Beggs (use Wikipedia, i had to) complaining that his case has been scratched and bumped.

I like to think that it was that sitar / guitar thing that was in the case he damaged...


Jonny Mac said...

Ah, the lovely Kim.

Did you know that Suzi Quattro was a member of Brentwood squash club?

Macheath said...

Polly thanks you for this little vignette.

I'm struggling with the notion that anyone would actually want to be seen claiming a suitcase emblazoned with KAJAGOOGOO - at least without a very effective disguise.

Perhaps it explains the facial hair.