Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Gawd Bless

You can say what you like about the Queen, and she wont punch you in the face. That is one of her endearing qualities. Seriously though, i have no idea how she has reached the age of 83 without smacking some idiot with a mace or whatever she carries around. Ma'am this, ma'am that, fresh paint, no one else ever in the toilet, and she has reigned through the Swinging Sixties, the power strikes, Duran Duran, Eastenders, Blair and his wars... and then she had to put up with the public baying for action when the moistened wastrel Diana finally went to the great free yacht holiday in the sky... SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO WEEP LIKE YOU IN THE STREET - SHE'S THE BLOODY QUEEN!!! And the death of Jade showed us just how measured and accurate those weeping harpies were... And she has had to live with Philip alongside her for over 60 years - there must have been a moment when they got home after he told the factory workers "looks like it was built by Indians" that she wanted to boff him with a corgi... But anyway, my point is, the bloody Queen. She is truly marvelous. I will never see a monarch like her again in my lifetime. If Charles takes over in 5 years he will be nearly 70 so wont be on the throne for more than 20 years, by which time i will be 60 ish. So Wills would have to reign until i was about 107 to last as long in my lifetime as Liz. But anyway, the point is, the Queen. Wonderful woman. ANd yesterday was her birthday, and tomorrow is St George's Day, And i just wanted to say to The Independent "SHAME ON YOU." How we laughed when they employed the Private Eye method of reporting royal stories - "Duchess has baby, bear takes Andrex to woods" type thing... But yesterday they shamed themselves. I searched the paper in vain.. and then in small type... in the area normally reserved for celebs, retired naval colonels and "author of definitive guide to Polynesian fungi and butterflies" type people, well there it sat.
The Queen
, 83.

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