Thursday, 22 January 2009

FOX News - i could not live without it...

Last night they started reporting the (ahem...) FACT that since Barack fluffed his lines in the swearing in bit of the shenanigans the other day he was not officially the President. They were trying to run with it and say that it may in fact need a new election as the country was rudderless...
And now today, with the news that Barack and the Chief Justice repeated the swearing in later in the privacy of some ballroom toilet (i made that location up, but hey, if they can...) just in case any right wing nutters thought about challenging the validity of the Presidency.
So what do FOX News now run with? "On Day 2 of the Obama Presidency - how the White House has become a secret office not inviting the press to key events..."
Has BECOME???? Seriously folks, you need to keep watching FOX News, cos when Obama does good things they will be spinning it in their usual brilliant way.
Feeding the Poor? Lets bring back tax cuts for the rich.
Just out of curiosity - is there common law in the US. Surely if 2 million people stand in the snow watching something, 100s of millions around the world watch it on TV, everyone reads about it, everyone knows... surely getting two lines of the oath wrong makes no difference at all? Everyone knows he is the Pres?
Watch this space for news of FOX v Obama in the Supreme Court.

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