Wednesday, 13 May 2009

MPs... well you have to mention it

And i think all you need to do is tip the hat to Douglas Hogg MP.
Just over 2 grand to have his moat cleaned. Yes, his moat.

So how to fix it? Simple, treat them like we treat airline crew.
Firstly reduce their salary to 50k, and then hopefully only those who actually want to work rather than earn would run for the job.
Secondly, the House sets up a travel department, which organises air and train tickets, and hotel rooms in London near Westminster.
The MP calls them and says "I will be attending tomorrow and whenever," and they book him travel and a room.
Receipts for food, or maybe even a per diem.

Take away the profit motive. After all, why on earth should there be a profit motive. Why should it be a job for life? If you want to serve, you will stay. If you want to take the cash, then take the directorships now.

Sometimes we make things too complicated, and thats when loopholes appear...

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Macheath said...

Someone suggested recently allocating the Olympic Village post 2012 for MP accomodation - furnishings, security, catering and transport all in place already so no need to claim for private arrangements.

That way, their main home has to be in the constituency, among the people they (nominally) represent. If they want to do it up or fill it with nice things, they are entirely at liberty to do so - out of their own pockets, like the rest of us.