Friday, 26 June 2009

The King Of Pop is Dead

So does Prince get promoted now? He did actually make it to the O2 and by all accounts was sensational. And he is weird and alive, so seems qualified.
Who are the other candidates?
H from Steps springs to mind.
Rick Astley is another.
Peter Andre has time on his hands, and we all know and love his hits.
My personal vote would go to Nick Beggs from Kajagoogoo, but alas you can't vote for kings.
There was no doubt that from around 71 to 75 and 79 to 85 he was a phenomenal artiste. (Jacko not Beggs - he did nothing in the 70s). But since then the monkey loving kiddy fiddler has been an ordinary artiste with an exceptional back catalogue. Which in my book ranks him alongside Cliff Richard, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney even. And as the president of his fan club said - "People will forget the child molestation stuff, it was so boring." Welln sorry, but anyone who gives a 12 year old $15million to go away and shut up is guilty.
How do all those people who got so upset about Maddie McCann also get upset about a dead child molester????
Yours from outside the herd
Ps Farrah Fawcett also died yesterday after a long, hard battle against cancer. That was a real tradegy.

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Anonymous said...

Everything you have written is correct. Whacko has gone and it is a very sad situation for his family but at the end of the day millions of us have our suspicions about his alledged misdeeds with children. Will be this upset when Mr Glitter meets his maker?