Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Lil Guy

Its hard to know where to start, but losing a dog is never easy, and when the little fella is so young it hurts more.
Little Algie was just over a year old, and on Saturday night we lost him to lungworm.
He was a wonderful bundle of love and energy, a typical terrier when out, a perfect lap dog when indoors. He brought smiles and happiness to all who met him, and made the house complete.
These last few days have been difficult adjusting to the lack of Algie. No little black shadow following you around, no having to wrench him from the sofa late at night to throw him out, no yapping at any rabbit in a 5 mile radius... and most of all no black furry love muppet to snuggle up with the wife in front of the fire.
We have lost a friend, a family member and a brave little fighter.
I really want to say thank you in public to my darling wife, who looked after him so well during his illness. She put him before herself, and made him so calm and comfortable, and i know she made it easier for him to bear his pain. She did a wonderful job, and showed me again so many reasons to love her so much. She has suffered more than anyone the last few days, and i hope she finds peace in understanding how great her care was.
Love you Algie, thanks for giving us so much, in the little time we had together.

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