Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Western Arrogance over Iran

Why do we always assume that if the people who win the election are not "our team" then they cheated. How can we possibly know if the elections in Iran were fixed? We need to investigate, collect evidence, talk to people... and even then since when did we support insurrection (oh yeah, in Burma for a bit, in the Ukraine when the commies won, in Afghanistan when the Taliban won....)
What would happen if the US government declared that the BNP should win the next election, and spent the next year funding them, providing support, creating positive vibes on the world stage... Would Gordon's moral compass tell him that they need to be beaten at any price? Surely a bit of fraud is better than the BNP getting in... Only we never believe we are in the wrong - its only the darkies and the ragheads that would possibly cheat in an election. Who could possibly imagine that an American president could get power by using a wave of lawyers to contest a state run by his brother and be declared the winner even though he got less votes...
I am sure that the election in Iran was not 100% clean in the way we imagine that we are. But it wouldnt surprise me at all if a majority did actually vote for the incumbent. Sometimes people vote for people we dont like. That doesnt make the people of Burnley evil and ripe for shooting, it just means the bloke we dont like won.

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