Friday, 26 June 2009

The King of Pop Remains Dead (and still no national clamour for Nick Beggs to replace him)

The BBC are running a page where you can leave your memories of the dead monkey loving kiddy fiddling minstrel. The moderators have allowed only a few mentions of child molestation in over 26 pages. So who at the BBC is deciding which voices get heard and which dont? Seems the lunatic fans have all had their say and the normal people are now starting to post "calm down" messages...
Some of those nuggets of wisdom that have been allowed:

"I still remember hearing he had died this morning"
That was so long ago now...

"allow me to leave my message to my cousin brother Michael Jackson who has departed you could have first wait to witness the 1st Africa World Cup before you die"
Excellent advert for South Africa 2010, best product placement in a celebrity condolence page

"Michael Jackson is NOT dead!! It is all elaborate ruse to fool people. My contacts tell me in early hours of morning small plane land at Zhukov to refuel. Many men with dark glasses surround it and it have no flight plan. During refueling he see Jackson peeping out window!!! Jackson is running away from all his problems, his debt and ridicule. Financially he is bankrupt. He is going somewhere to live in peace."
Some Russian bloke says what we are all thinking

"jackson will be the guy by whom american culture is introduced to country like bangladesh.i urge to his family and obama please show his death body face for the last time."
A Dr from the middle east

"Michael Jackson was the greatest man in pop, I have grown up with him since the age of 9 and now im 34."
Stats you just cant argue with

"I hardly think "World Mourns Pop Legend Jackson" is an accurate statement.
Personally i think the "World" needs to get a grip"

"His legacy encompasses maximum & the best utilization of "Equal Opportunity" by a minority person in America, which eventually paved the way for Barack Obama to be the Ist black American Presid"
Whites are not yet the minority in America. Oh, you mean blacks?

"The lost of Micheal Jackson will be a lost to all the world,his music will go on for ever.A showman in so many ways,my heart goes to his family children and fiends.Rest in peace Micheal."
Yvonne from Milton Keynes. Spell check, love. Fiends is most unfortunate. And at least dont get his name wrong. Twice.

"I never liked Michael Jackson or his music when he was the King of Pop.Later I realised that is his life was, in many ways, a tragedy. Then his music and life had new meaning for me. Now he is gone, I will miss him forever."
Fickle, Graham. And next year? He will just be a nobody again...

"I remember when I was about 6 years old, and Michael Jackson had a video included at the beginning of the first Free Willy movie on VHS."
Relax, she means the one with the whale in. 6 years old, Michael Jackson, Willy... all the ingredients.

Goodbye King of Pop.

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