Sunday, 1 March 2009


I have the most enormous sympathy for David Cameron. To lose a child under any circumstances is appalling, and by all accounts little Ivan was a splendidly happy chap. He has my heartfelt sympathy.
But the idea that government should stop for 30 minutes is ridiculous, and another example of the country going mad. Previous prime ministers who served the country for decades have died and there have been murmurs of sorrow, expressions of thanks, and the country carries on. We are fighting 2 wars, we are in the middle of the greatest economic crisis of our lives, the world is going to hell in a handcart (whatever that means) and we stopped the government because an MP's child died. That was wrong, but i know that if there was an X-Factor style vote for the public that is exactly the kind of gesture that most people on this sad little island would have voted for. I'm glad i'm different/

And on a funnier note.... Jade said in one of her private moments shared by 18 journalists, that she was wondering how to tell her kids that she was dying. They are 5 and 6 - surely they can read by now? Surely they have noticed the media circus? Mum losing her hair? Mum's face on every magazine and newspaper? At school??? And looking at her Wikipedia page (wanted to check the kids' ages) it says she has had a relationship with footballer Ryan Amoo. Yes him. No, me neither - but he has his own wikipedia page ( - surely the least successful footballer ever to get his own webpage. He plays for Barwell for God's sake...

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Jonny Mac said...

dNo - agree with you re Commons and Ivan.