Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thanks Jonny Mac, for making me read the Sun

Its brilliant! I forgot how much fun you can have!

Today's best story - undoubtedly the man who had his bits chewed on by a horse. Perhaps one of the best photos ever used to illustrate a news story...

Also, a lesson for me on where to draw the line. Apparently a horse biting off a man's meat and two veg is a humorous story (after all, he was a foreigner), where as the story of a crocodile who bit a 10 year old girl's head clean off is treated as a human tragedy. Sounds quite similar to me. Interestingly they dont say whether the girl survived, just that they found a headless body 3 days later...

And then we get Jose Mourinho accused of punching a Man Utd fan who was apparently chanting abusive words at him. Picture the scene - he was leaving the ground, heading for the team bus, to take him to the airport back to Italy where he lives.
What was the fan singing???
"You're going home." Ok, he repeated it twice, but how on earth is that anything other than a factual comment on the current activity of the Special One?

And finally, my current bete noire... does anyone else remember the words "Jade's last interview, now she wants privacy and to die in peace..."

No? Just me then... I got told that saying "good riddance, Jade" was controversial. How does "Just die already???" score on the scale? Just because someone has a bad disease, does not mean they are a good person...

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