Monday, 30 March 2009

If I Could be for an only an hour... cute... in a stupid ass way!

Hope you all spotted the title was the catchy line from Jacques Brel's "Jackie"...
So who cares whether Mr Smith watched porn, Oceans 13 or the Teletubbies. Claiming for it was the wrongness.
And Ms Smith's defence - "I will carry on doing my job because people are not interested in this tittle-tattle" or something similar.
And last week, when it was exposed she had claimed £116,000, effectively by staying with her sister during the week: "The electorate are not concerned by this party political game...".
Au contraire Jacqui, we are very, very concerned. And that is why I predict not a Labour victory next time out, nor a Tory, not even a Lib Dem / BNP alliance... but I predict the lowest turnout ever in a national election.
And that will be all because the Labour MPs who rode in on a ticket of good honest values, and no more sleaze, have proved themselves more shameful than even the Tory's Fattest Cats.
They have killed democracy in this country.
And a new game to play - what on earth has to happen to get a Labour minister to resign? Say what you like about Mandy, he did the honourable thing twice. Shame it wasnt with a service revolver...
"Locked up inside my opium den, surrounded by some Chinamen, I'd sing the song that i sung then, about the time they called me Jacqui...."

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