Monday, 23 March 2009

PS: Pot Noodle

Forgot to add one thing about the Pot Noodle i was served in business class...
The instructions on the lid advise you to add 326ml of hot water.
Does anyone have a foolproof way of measuring exactly 326ml?

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polly peachum said...

LOVED the Pot Noodle pic!

326ml sounds like the water-measuring problem from Die Hard 2; done by subtracting a tablespoon from a cupful or something. Alternatively, the only country that considers Pot Noodle a foodstuff is one that uses imperial measures, which need converting into improbable amounts for more gastronomically gifted metric nations.

Please continue the series - a veggie at 37,000 feet - so those of us who always seem to get a leathery omlette can see what we're missing.