Saturday, 15 November 2008

Christmas Parade

Its mid November, 30 something degrees and a 100 foot long Chinese dragon has just meandered down the road, as thousands of kids push against the barriers waving and screaming. Must be the Melbourne Christmas Parade. Seems like Christmas has been bought by Myers department store in this town - there is the Myers Christmas Santa Grotto, the Myers Christmas Windows, the Myers Christmas Parade... Although they did have a 40% off day last weekend which enabled me to pick up a great new laptop bag so i do forgive them...
Some snippets from the news this morning:

BBC - Barack may offer a job to Bill Richardson (excellent idea - the Hispanic governor of NM impressed me in the primaries.) He is described as a "former permanent representative to the UN". How does that work then?

ABC - Melbourne Police tell pedestrians to take more care crossing the road. Especially the "young, old and inebriated." While in Tasmania, there is a memorial service to remember the "victims of road trauma." Its not noted whether this is only pedestrians, or whether they also remember drivers.

Russians have stolen a church. Apparently, brick by brick over a few years. How can you not notice a whole church disappearing??

No comment needed on the next one:
NEW DELHI (AFP) - A media campaign featuring a mobile phone ringtone that sings "condom condom" has pushed up sale of the contraceptive by 85 million in six months.

Children In Need. Am I the only person completely and totally disinterested in this? Well done on raising 2o million. Thats roughly a pound, maybe two, for every child in the country. That'll work then. If it does save one child from abuse, poverty or boredom then you have to wonder why the government isnt doing it. We can give hundreds of billions to banks, but dont have 20 million to look after suffering children. What sort of person makes that decision???

Phil Tufnell has tipped Joe Swash to win I'm a Celebrity... Joe who??? Sometimes its good to be out of touch, cos i've seen what passes for celebrity and the people who obsess over it and i do not want to be in that herd... Ever since the day in the Boots queue where they had 2 celebrity magazines side by side, both with huge EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW headlines...
"Jordan - my year from hell"
"Jordan - the best year of my life"

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