Wednesday, 5 November 2008

i have spent the last 24 hours in the wrong time zone

Its been a few years now - i think it is nearly 17 - since i was last Down Under. That was a great trip full of empty roads, stupid dreams and nothing to come home to. Travelling for the sake of not being anywhere in particular.
This time its work, which wont be as much fun, but already Melbourne has redeemed itself. In those dark days of yore i remembered it as wet, miserable and uninviting, and when we turned up to the Sydney sunshine and the Bridge over the Bay... well of course Sydney won. But today is a bright spring day, the streets are full of young people of all shades and costume, and there is a lively friendly vibe. The shop keepers manage to say the same words as their fake US cousins, but sound like they do actually care whether you have a nice day or not, and despite the old buildings and weathered stones, you really do get the sense that you are in a young country, a can do country.
Only its coming up to 6pm, not 7. No idea how that happened, but somehow the time changed... I think last night was the cutover from Daylight Savings, but i really am not sure. If anyone knows how the time works out here...

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