Friday, 14 November 2008

Good news on the War on Terrorism

OK, its seven years since we started the war on terror, and 12 since Osama was named as the US' most wanted man for the first time after the embassy attacks in Africa.
Here is the CIA report on how they are getting on:
To summarise for my busy reader:
1/ Osama is not in day to day control of Al-Qaeda
2/ he is probably in Pakistan (which is why the Americans are in Afghanistan and bombing Syria no doubt)
3/ Al-Qaeda is SPREADING
4/ Osama is "putting a lot of energy into his own survival."
And who exactly isnt??? Maybe Suicidal Sid and Kerry Katona but the rest of us do make the effort most days not to die...
5/ "If there is a major strike on the US it will bear the fingerprints of Al-Qaeda"?????
HOW THE HELL CAN HE SAY THAT BEFORE IT HAPPENS??? You sure it wont just be some pissed off Iraqis who are fed up with their families being killed? Wont be Tamil Tigers? COlombian drug lords fed up with American interference. And of course it wont be any home grown Americans, they dont have any guns... Isnt this how we got into Iraq in the first place - the Neo-Cons telling everyone it was Saddam with his nuclear ice cream vans...
6/ Al-Qaeda is LESS active in Iraq.
Before we went in it wasnt ANY ACTIVE.
7/ A-Q is MORE active in East Africa, Yemen and Pakistan
8/ His death would have "a significant impact on the confidence of unaffiliated extremists". i thought he just said ANY attack would be the work of A-Q so who are these unaffiliated guys?

Apparently it is unclear if Obama will keep the CIA director after he takes over. Seems a shoo in as they have done such a good job so far. Excellent report writing and very honest. So the scores on the door after 7 years of war:

USA 0 - 5 Abstract Nouns

( War on abstract nouns (c)Chris Morris - )

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Jonny Mac said...

""If there is a major strike on the US it will bear the fingerprints of Al-Qaeda"?????"

You're right, great fodder for the conspiracy-minded amongst us there...