Friday, 14 November 2008

Nostalgia is a four legged beastie

A colleague uploaded this on his Facebook home page, and i have since played it about a dozen times. Loved this when i was younger, and watching it again brought a big smile to my face, and a tiny invisible tear to my eye!

Have been wondering what to do with Monty - guide dog, bomb disposal dog, reading dog for blind people with no fingers, financial analyst... Now i know - he will be tasked with travelling the world (as he does most days anyway) and helping strangers, solving crime and finding hidden treasure (and if i remember correctly even driving cars when old men have had heart attacks and a little boy has fallen off his bike into the road...)

And be back in time for tea...

1 comment:

Kitty said...

He's been trying for months to find some hidden treasure in the garden .....!