Monday, 10 November 2008

Your host is well

Oh gentle reader, please be still. Worry ye not a minute longer, for i will live.
Had a minor operation on my thumb this afternoon (well a nice lady GP sliced it open) to remove some aggressive infection... once test results are in i will of course be confirming the exact strain of bacteria - a subject i know you will all be hotly debating in the coming days.
Any donations, please send cash to me, flowers and charity donations not necessary.
As you will understand, my bravery in this matter has been incredible, so if i do not answer emails immediately, be grateful that your beloved author breathes yet.


Kitty said...

Oh my so so brave soldier!! I think it would be better if donations came to me at home as they won't reach you by the time you leave to come home ;-) Missing you baby xxx

Anonymous said...

Now how did you manage to get an infection in there? Sucking it too much?

Hope all is now well?

Andy BT